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We are passionate about developing long lasting relationships with our clients. Therefore, we will communicate with you frequently and continuously endeavor to add value to your business by patiently understanding your business environment and objectives. As your partners, we will take a keen interest in helping you achieve your business objectives by identifying weaknesses in your business and pointing you in the right direction for your company to succeed.


GHR Logistics & Supply Chain Consultants is a specialist consulting organisation.  We provide and implement solutions across all industries and aspects of the supply chain for our clients.

Supply Chain



GHR understand the importance of a strategy and the key elements involved. From developing the strategy to building the strategic plan, GHR supports its clients at ever step of the journey.

Solution & Channel Design


Working closely with public and private companies, we help solve complex business issues that our clients face. From adding a new e-commerce channel to your existing business to deciding where to consolidate off-shore.

International & Domestic Transport


Our Supply Chain professionals are problem solvers, providing value to their clients. From benchmarking costs and services to helping our clients understand how to structure agreements.

Warehouse Design & Configuration Audits


From designing and auditing warehouses to adding e-commerce fulfilment, we help our clients maintain  a competitive advantage. 

Inventory Positioning, Suppy & Demand Planning


We often help federal, state & local and multilateral development agencies address complex business issues; manage risk; and improve inventory measures.

Project Management & Implementation



Our proejct management services provide companies and the individuals who run them with tools and strategies to improve operations and plan for the future.

Financial Performance & Strategic Positioning



We help you build and maintain a desirable position within the markets you operate based on GHRs proven experience, knowledge and industry insights.

Procurement, Risk  Chain of Responsibilities


With companies often spending up to 50 % of income on externally supplied materials and services, procurement requires a strategic approach.