Melbourne, Victoria


GHR has specific software which effectively allows the consultants to benchmark your services and costs

GHR follow a proven method to successfully benchmark your services and costs. The key elements include:

  • GHR will establish and agree a baseline of your companies current services and costs
  • GHR will compare the services and costs to both industry operational standards and to the data in GHR’s proprietary databases
  • Presentation to the company of the analysis with recomendations

The benchmarking uses the agreed “as is” baseline activity costs and service, the use of the GHR proprietary database and specialist consultants. The specialist consultants will use the baseline data, GHR database output and aligned to the industry standard for both costs and services. The analysis will compare on a ‘apples’ to ‘apples’ basis i.e. rate to rate, service to service.

The GHR proprietary database is a continually maintained with current cost information for the majority of activities in the supply chain including:

  • domestics transport rates
  • international transport rates
  • cutoms clearences
  • industry awards
  • container unpack
  • transit times
  • co-packing
  • labour costs
  • Materials Handaling Equipment (MHE)