Locations – Australia & United Kingdom

   Melbourne, Victoria


Profit can be made at both ends of the business.  With companies often spending up to 50% of income on externally supplied materials and services, procurement requires a strategic approach. Our consultants can identify and implement results through a procurement strategy, providing a real impact on profitability improvement.

Supply-chain risk management (SCRM) is "the implementation of strategies to manage both every day and exceptional risks along the supply chain based on continuous risk assessment with the objective of reducing vulnerability and ensuring continuity". Our consultants have extensive experience in understanding and managing business risks.

With an ever-changing landscape, Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws mean that anyone who has influence over the transport activity is responsible for safety on the road. Our consultants are experts in understanding the laws and how to ensure compliance.

GHR has a high level of implementation with projects that requires detailed project management. Our Consultants tailor the project plans to ensure customer alignment to the project deliverables. 

Our processes include:

  • Establishment of a project plan
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Resourcing
  • Budget costing
  • Scheduling of suppliers and works
  • Update reporting and communication